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Amc Töpfe Wiki

Henry Maske (* 6. Januar in Treuenbrietzen) ist ein ehemaliger deutscher Boxer, der in den er Jahren als Amateur große Erfolge unter anderem als. maculettar (betupfen* sprenkeln) maculettar sprenkeln maculettar tüpfeln maculettar: macul(ett)ar vt flecken maculettate gefleckt maculettate gesprenkelt. Personal Computer. pFE physiologische Funkti- Softwaresysteme für sehr viele Anwendungen (Wikipedia, b; Untersuchungen gibt Wikipedia (a).

In , AMC Theatres pioneered the first North American megaplex , a theater that could accommodate thousands, when it opened the AMC Grand 24 in Dallas, Texas ; [17] the first megaplex in the world had been built by European chain Kinepolis in On December 13, , AMC opened the Ontario Mills 30, a screen theater in Ontario, California , which was the theater with the most screens in the world.

AMC Theatres' megaplex theatres were a success overseas as well. AMC Theatres' United Kingdom outlets typically serve a dual function; in addition to the normal cinema functions, they also cater to companies' business conferences which can make use of their projectors for displaying presentations.

The company used to have its headquarters in downtown Kansas City. After reaching a settlement with the state of Illinois in April regarding complaints from a disability rights organization, AMC pledged to equip all of its theaters in the state with captioning and description services by The disability rights group had accused the company of only providing closed captioning or audio description systems at some of its locations in the state.

AMC Theatres had eight movie theatres in Canada. In July , four locations were sold to Cineplex Entertainment , and two more locations were sold to Empire Theatres and later acquired by Landmark Cinemas.

The two remaining locations have since closed. Gerardo I. Craig Ramsey was appointed as the interim CEO by the company board. Aron will also be a member of the company's board of directors.

This cost reduction will be accomplished by reducing operating hours, cutting staffing levels, and other measures. The service is tied to the company's Stubs loyalty program.

Employees were not given any pay. All furloughed corporate AMC employees and associates retain their active employment status, including all health benefits.

On April 28, , AMC announced that they would no longer play films from Universal Pictures , following the studio's announced plans to release its films on demand simultaneously with theatrical releases.

On June 18, AMC reported plans to resume operations in of its US locations on July 30 after the coronavirus pandemic forced it to close its US venues for over four months.

AMC patented cup holder armrests in The seats are placed on risers so that each person has an unobstructed view of the screen. In , they introduced "Love Seat" style seating with retractable armrests so that there can be no barrier between two seats.

Selected AMC locations offer premium screens and features for a higher ticket price, including large-screen formats. Most theater locations are equipped to show 3D films in RealD 3D.

AMC Theatres created the now-defunct MovieWatcher program that rewarded frequent movie-goers similar to other rewards programs but featured innovative aspects.

It was based on a points-per-movie-ticket-purchased system, with rewards varying from concessions to movie passes based on point-based level.

However, points were limited to a maximum of four points per three-hour time period, which was equal to two tickets.

AMC Stubs members also received a free size upgrade with every popcorn and drink they purchase for example, an AMC Stubs member can get a large popcorn for the price of a regular.

Other perks include birthday gifts and waived ticketing fees for online ticketing sites such as MovieTickets. Receipts or ticket stubs were required for manual adjustments.

No more than four manual adjustments would be allowed per account in a single calendar month. Manual adjustments would be made for purchases made within 30 calendar days from date of original purchase.

Drinks can be ordered to be drunken in the bar and lounge area or taken into the theater. Some AMC Dine-in theaters have their MacGuffins set up as a full service restaurant that can be accessed without having to pay for a movie ticket.

AMC adheres to its own Rated R policy. Slight differences exist per market, but nationwide, no person under age 17 is admitted into an R-rated film without a parent or guardian aged 21 or older purchasing their ticket and joining them in the theater.

Those who do meet or exceed the age of 17 but look under the age of 25 must present a photo ID with name and date of birth to be admitted to such movies.

The main AMC brand is being used at most locations and will include premium features such as recliner seating, reserved seating, MacGuffins bars, and large format auditoriums such as IMAX.

These locations also have concession stands with "innovative" menus. These locations use the slogan "AMC Amazing" and use the main corporate logo see top for their branding.

They are positioned as smaller, value-oriented cinemas. Since the purchase, some AMC Classic locations have undergone refurbishments to add expanded concessions options including an expanded menu, MacGuffins bars, and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines , upgraded AV equipment, and reclining seats.

They also feature reserved seating with a button located by every seat to signal a server. These locations use the marketing slogan "Movies with a Menu" and use a logo depicting a fork in a film countdown circle.

The AMC Citywalk Stadium 19 located in Universal Studios Hollywood 's Citywalk was rebranded under this name in December , and was renovated and had its grand reopening on April 21, under the new brand.

In July , AMC Theatres signed an agreement with Sony to begin installing Dolby Digital in auditoriums, [76] and in began upgrading selected older auditoriums.

AMC announced an agreement on March 26, , to convert 1, existing auditoriums to fully digital 3D screens using RealD technology. The Planet Movies by AMC venture planned to open complexes worldwide with the objective of having icon locations in major metropolitan and other select areas, like Orlando and Columbus.

Initially, seven existing, unnamed AMC megaplex theaters with more than combined screens were to be re-branded under a license arrangement to incorporate certain elements of the new concept.

The initial seven re-branded locations were to include markets such as Orlando, Florida. After the initial seven, the joint-venture planned to own and operate all subsequent units including 8 to 10 complexes with to screens planned to open over the next 18 to 24 months.

Over the longer term, the venture anticipated rolling out units at the rate of 5 to 10 per year. From almost the very start, the well-publicized financial strains on Planet Hollywood hindered the project.

The only Planet Movies location to actually open, a 30 screen megaplex, did so in the summer of at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The continued poor financial performance of Planet Hollywood led the company to declare bankruptcy in December , and even before the first location had opened stated that "the joint venture has no definitive plans to expand this concept once the Columbus site is completed".

As Planet Hollywood was preparing to emerge from bankruptcy in October their re-organization plan emphasized focus back on their core restaurant business and away from side-ventures like Planet Movies and their Cool Planet ice cream chain.

Today, it is an all-stadium-seating megaplex and has 19 screens, including IMAX. The program was announced in via the AMC Blog [83] and has been responsible for promoting and distributing all independent films to AMC theaters since.

AMC has acquired multiple other theater chains throughout its history, resulting in a total of theaters with 5, screens in six countries:.

In March , AMC bought General Cinema Corporation , which added 66 theaters with screens to the company assets, [87] as well as Gulf States Theaters, which had five theaters with 68 screens in the greater New Orleans area.

Paul markets. The early versions of stadium-style seating as built in had auditoria configured with an entrance to a flat area in front of the screen for wheelchair users; persons sitting there had to either lean back or look up at an uncomfortable angle to see the screen.

Able-bodied guests had to ascend the stairs to sit in the middle of the risers in order to have a comfortable line-of-sight with the screen.

AMC subsequently solved the problem in newer theaters by building full-stadium auditoriums where the main entrance is through a ramp that emerges onto a platform in the middle of the risers so that wheelchair users can enjoy optimal line-of-sight.

However, the U. Department of Justice sued the company, and obtained an order requiring AMC to retrofit over 1, screens in 95 multiplexes and megaplexes across the United States.

The company successfully appealed the order to the U. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit , which ruled on December 5, [] that the order was excessive and violated AMC's due process rights under the Constitution of the United States.

Therefore, the court ruled that it was unfair to AMC to retroactively hold it to a standard which did not exist at the time it began building stadium-style theaters.

When AMC announced that most of their theaters would reopen in mid-July , the initial anouncement said masks would be recommended but not mandatory: AMC CEO Adam Aron stated "we are strongly encouraging our guests to wear masks all across the country, but not requiring it" and "We did not want to be drawn into a political controversy.

The schedule included notable acquisitions from Warner Bros. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the US channel.

Further information: List of programs broadcast by AMC. Main article: Best Christmas Ever program block. Parents Television Council.

Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved January 22, Associated Press. March 3, Archived from the original on April 17, Retrieved May 31, TV by the Numbers.

July 21, Retrieved July 21, Parents Television Council , October 2, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved September 20, Retrieved June 4, Retrieved February 28, , from HighBeam Research.

Retrieved on via". It now has enough commercials to make movie watching almost as intolerable as any other commercial channel.

June 27, From the AMCtv. Retrieved December 19, Daily News. June 28, The New York Times. Retrieved April 23, August 29, Retrieved January 3, Retrieved December 16, Television Academy.

Retrieved May 28, The Independent. The Futon Critic. Retrieved August 15, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved April 1, Retrieved July 12, At least two pre-production Rebels with EFI, however, are known to have been built.

It was the second fastest car on the beach, bested only by a Chevrolet Corvette with mechanical fuel injection , and only by a couple tenths of a second.

The main problem was that early electronics were not fast enough for "on the fly" engine controls. It too failed, having the same problems.

Bendix licensed patents based on their s design patent dated to Bosch , who perfected it as the basis for their D-Jetronic , et seq.

The and were also offered as a marine engine known as the "Fireball" by Gray Marine Motor Company starting in The was offered in , , , , and horsepower versions.

The was made in , , , and horsepower levels. Gray used the through The new-generation AMC V8 was first introduced in All blocks share the same external measurements and thus can be swapped easily.

Bore center measurement was kept the same as the Gen-1 V8 at 4. Other than that, this engine is vastly different from the Gen-1 model.

The Gen-1 engine is physically the size of a big-block Ford or GM engine, and is sometimes called a "big-block".

The Gen-2 is closer to the physical size of U. The only parts shared between the Rambler V8 and AMV8 are the lower cam timing sprocket and the timing chain.

It shares the same design employing a timing gear case that mounts both distributor and oil pump.

It also shares the same oiling scheme employing a single passage to feed both cam and crank from the right lifter bank by tangentially intersecting the cam bore instead of two drilled passages, one from the cam to crank and another from the crank to the right lifter bank.

Some electrical parts starter and distributor were shared with Fords, and some models used Motorcraft Ford carburetors, but the balance of the engine design is unique.

It was used exclusively in the Rambler American model the first year. These engine blocks were unchanged through the model year.

The head used during this time was the so-called "rectangle port", named after its exhaust port shape. The heads use smaller valves, 1.

The and the AMX use the same larger valve heads, 2. It was built from the mid model year through the model year. Only cars were built in with the engine.

These engines were available in special Rambler American two-door Rogue models. This version has a Forged cranks and rods were used for their known strength—there was inadequate time for testing cast parts for durability without delaying AMC's introduction schedule.

Once forging dies were made it was not cost effective to test cast parts due to the relatively low number of engines produced.

The use of these stronger components was also continued with the production of engines. This is an advantage of these AMC engines when used in heavy-duty and high-performance applications because they have no problems with their rods breaking; unlike other domestic automakers' large displacement small block engines.

Bore and the stroke is 4. Maximum factory recommended overbore is only 0. In , AMC changed the head to the "dog-leg" exhaust port design.

In , all three blocks grew in deck height and gained a new head design. The stroke and deck height on the and was increased by 0.

The AMX remained at the same displacement by using a special rod and piston for this year only.

It is believed that AMC kept the this last year due to the reputation it had garnered in the two seater AMX, which was discontinued after In the was also stroked by 0.

The other change in was the switch to the "dog-leg" heads. There are two reasons for the flow increase: 1 the area of the port is larger, due to the dog leg and 2 the shape of the port floor was changed from a concave to a convex curve.

The concave floor tended to bend the exhaust flow upwards which caused turbulence when the flow was forced to go down into the exhaust manifolds.

By switching to a convex floor the curvature of the flow starts in the head and proceeds much more smoothly into the exhaust manifold resulting in less turbulence and better flow.

The center two intake bolts on each head were relocated to prevent accidental mix-ups of Gen-2 and Gen-3 intakes. The intakes can be interchanged by slotting the bolt holes, but the added deck height of the GEN-3 engine means that sealing and port match will be compromised.

Gen-3 intakes can be machined to fit Gen-2 engines by surface grinding the intake flanges and slotting the center holes.

There is a persistent myth about mid and AMC heads. They are commonly identified by the first three or last three for the heads; used a different casting digits of the casting number.

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